Wednesday, September 22, 2010





POOR MAGGIE ! :( WEATHER: Temp 77 maybe got to 80 and hot today! Mostly sunny with a few showers.

Son came in today and finished up the Dry Loc on the basement walls, and check out a bump on the hallway wall. Turns out its 100 yr old plaster pulled away from lath. Very fixable.

The cache of the day is a new one we found the other evening, it is located by our WM. The hint was under something metal and over something rubber. Can you figure it out? I though I knew but was not there,but I finally found it. The pic if the cache is not the one at the site, but another one and I have yet to figure out how to delete pic's, so its still there. PS: I added a pic of the cache.

We have a couple GIANT zucchini's left in the garden, soooo what to do with the GIANTS,? make zucchini bread!! Mmmmmmm good made that yesterday. I still have some left. Might slice it down and grill it.

Well here's the news on Maggie, we were out for our walk and ran into a neighbor, she has a rescue black Lab about 1yr old maybe a little older. We have been friendly with the lab since we came back from FL. I think she got the dog last fall or winter, not sure. At first she didn't like Maggie but she didn't like any dogs , so we were real careful around them. Even now I would always try to pet the Lab before the neighbor would get down to pet Maggie, now Maggie love's neighbor and was always pulling on leash to get to her. Yesterday I didn't get to lab soon enough and she went for Maggie. It was horrible!!! Growling , teeth, and Maggie screaming like banshee, the lab had her by the throat, and I can't even tell you how bad it was. I was sooo scared, and Maggie was hysterical, when she gets scared like that she starts screaming, not barking , but screaming and she sounds just like a human baby, its unreal, we finally got her away from the lab and she was still screaming, I had to sit down on the grass with her to calm her, and check her over.

In the end she was ok and not hurt. The poor neighbor was beside her self. I felt sorry for her. I sat there with her for about 10 min then I took home and we sat in the back yard for awhile and I checked her over again. This is the second time she has been attack, once a shelty from down the street not on a leash came charging after her I scooped her up but not in time she had one leg dangling and he nipped it. She was screaming then too. From now on we are avoiding any big dogs! She does have a few doggie friends in the neighborhood but they are all small. Whew what a day. So the pic you see of her was resting in her bed.

That's all for now thanks for looking in.



  1. Sorry about Maggie's ordeal. That must have been awful. :(

  2. I'm so glad she appears to be okay. I hope nothing turns up later. I think I'd stay from all dogs. Poor little thing, that must have been so terrible for her.