Wednesday, August 24, 2016



A shake down at Wickham…

Even tho it was boiling hot ….did a shake down camp at Wickham …My RV friend from NC was spending some time over by Lake Wales FL…called me one Friday and ask if i wanted to camp out at Wickham for a couple nites…I said yes anything to get out of camp driveway…We did not set up outside except for a couple chairs…we could only spend time out early in the moring and sometimes early evening…


We put the chairs up beind my rig in the shade…and on Sat morning i used my microwave/convection oven for the first time…made blue berry  muffins….i think then needed a couple more min. in order to brown up a little better…had that and some fruit…0807160839

We had to make a trip to the $ store to buy some playing cards…because it was to hot to explore or be outside…that was a chance for me to test out the generator with the A/C to keep Pheebe cool worked great…we spent the rest of the day & evening playing card game  Hand & Foot…a new game i learned to play at Hardy Lakes it but never get a chance to play except with RV buddies…


When we got back from the $ store we noticed that we had company..kind of hard to miss he was so big…he was munching on the brush behind the rigs…


Here he is hot footing it across the camp site…i have to say turtles move along a lot faster than one would think…it was at this point Pheebe noticed him…she didnt bark at first just kept looking & looking…then she let lose…lol…i think he is a box turtle…


And the rest of the story….

As far as the shake down goes…i really did not make any head way about what to do or how to do it as to the organizing  …i have figure out the basics like on most RV’s…one thing that i was leary about emptying the tanks with a macerator and not the gravity flow dump…but it worked out good…there are a couple buttons i need to identify…and try and figure out why my back door will not open from the inside…i turn the key lock outside and it is open…but the leaver inside does not budge…anyone reading this and has an idea please commet…now i have to figure out what to put in for trips …and how to organize it…this will take some time…you really need to do things and arrange different in a RT…or class B like RV…Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings GM&P


  1. Glad you enjoyed your shake down with the new rig. From the sound of that door latch you should have it replaced because in an emergency it has to open for you.
    That is a Gopher Turtle and are all over Florida.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Yes, I think it is a gopher turtle, too. When the weather cools down you will be able to get Poppy organized. It's a continual process for me, always adding and removing stuff, and reorganizing.