Friday, August 12, 2016



While in Mt. Dora we went ….

to the famous Renninger’s Flea Market…they hold an Antique Market there a couple times a year also and people from all over the US come to sell their wares…i have know about this flea and wanted to come for years…now i am here and cant buy anything…no longer have a store…but it still fun to is in my blood lol…Me & Pheebe…at a doggie store …we looked at all the goodies..and tried on doggie clothes…


Below is a pic of Pheebe in her buggy…i was supprised that she took to it right away…and is very good as long as no one gets to close and tries to talk to her…she has this cute little hat we were trying on…i could have been a little bigger because of her ears…i am going to try & make one…


And here is little Annie trying on her pretty in pink dress…both doggies seemed to like getting dressed up even Pheebe that was a big suprise to me…We got a lot of attention in that ladies booth…everyone with a dog stopped to check it and us out…there were a couple women there from England they kept taking pics ….also they were waiting for Margie to put the pink dress down they wanted it..but in the end Annie went home with the dress…. not only were people taking pix but they all were showing pix of their doggies…In Dec. we are planning a trip to Daytona Beach to a dog parade …this time i will enter Pheebe…i need to make a post about taking the doggies to a show/gathering we went to in the spring …i thought i did but dont see it…see how bad i am about getting the blog posting done…


We went early to the fleamarket and most of the booths outside were not open yet…but the ones that were open had some really neat on pix to see detail…


In another day & time in my life i would have been drooling over all the neat stuff…it was right up my alley having owned and operated a vintage/antique store…i was always looking for this stuff for my store…it is still in my blood  because everytime i see this and  or go to places like this and even yard sales i see all the potential sitting waiting for a new life..but in the end i know i cant do it…it is a lot of hard physical work i can no longer do…but sometimes i sure want to…


And Margie met this giant walking down one of the aisls…they had anything & everything there …and we did not get to see it all…i know i would like to go back sometime…now that i have the Roadtrek i feel more confident in going places and not have to worry about where & how to maybe a few more trips there are in my future….even an over night get away…


And we also ran across this guy named Jack…he seems very content to just lay in is dog house and people watch…this was a T-shirt booth we got a couple cute lonnnng shirts to use and bath house apparel….needless to say this was another adventure we enjoyed very much while visiting Mt. Dora….


And the rest of the story…..

seems to me the weather …all over the country just not in the boiling hot south …Florida is just almost to hot to breathe when you go out side…we are stuck in camp drive way most of the time…but last weekend my friend Carol called and ask if i wanted do a mini GTG at Wickham so that is what we did… she drove over from Lake Wales area to meet me..i will make a post soon…Pheebe is cooped up in the bedroom in the house way to much..but even she does not want to stay out…she does her business and runs right back in…and i know i am cooped up way to much also..Pheebe & i had a melt down last week …but i think we worked it out …she is doing much better about minding me while we are walking…and the dog/car & people chasing ….well  all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings GM&P


  1. Another fun adventure with our "doggies". Ready for the next one. Pheebe looks so cute in red.

  2. If you want something more than the Renninger's Flea Market in January they sponsor a Civil War Re-enactment. It was very educational as well as entertaining as it was also narrated.
    We attended in 2013.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.