Thursday, August 4, 2016


Margie, Annie, Pheebe & me….

Took a camping trip to MT. Dora Fl. and stayed at a county park campgroung in Orange County…What a wonderful little CG only 15 sites and everone of them is a good one…below Margie on the left and me on the right…nice big & level…The name of the CG is Trimble Park Campground…it is always booked solid Nov, thu April….the CG is only about 2 miles from MD…if i remember right it is two week limit stay…


This is a pic of my site…all sites have the same = picnic table ,paved patio. BBQ grill, fire pit with two benches and a latern hook…beside the paved patio


The fire pit area was great with two permanent benches…fire pit on a cement paver…these are some of the nicest sites i have ever seen…i liked camping in my class C but it is no more…


The CG is on Lake Beauclair next to Lake Dora…This is a pic of the CG dock…one of the things i like about this park is it looks like old Florida… but is in the middle of cities…


You seen the back in sites …here is a pull thru…think they have two..again nice & level…it was warm while we were there…not the heat wave that we now have going now…but warm enough..but in the woods setting it was not cool but nice…a few times durning the hot part of the day we spent in rigs with A/C…but again it was June in Florida…


And here is Margie happy as a clam in her Clam outside screen room..She had just got this screen room and we wanted to try it worked out great …we had a couple chairs, two doggie buggies, and a couple other things and we had plenty of room …room for more people and chairs…we put it up in a couple min. might have taken us a little longer because it was new to a couple  old ladies…but it is easy up & down one person can do it…i am going to get one…will be great using with the RT …extra room…you could  also put it over a picnic table..see little Annie peaking out of the Clam?…


And the rest of the story…..

We had a great time at Trimble…but have not been able to take any more trips…we wanted to do at least one every month this summer but July has been just to hot…We have plans for the end of Aug … i have been going thru all the boxes filled with stuff from the Itasca …it is way to hot and i can only do it a couple hrs. early in the moring..i have things in the RT but just sitting around not in their home…need to figure out what goes where…not putting everything back in…just the basic then will put in what i need with each trip..not much more going on…Pheebe and i take our morning walk at the home park…it is easy to go down there early about 6am and walk around before people start coming…usually only a couple fishermen that come before  sunrise and leave soon after and usually one or two boats coming to launch,..not to many distractions for Pheebe…we try and walk for 30 min. and take our sunrise pic for FB each morning…well thats what i have been doing not much of anything…so will end it here…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings GM&P


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  1. Good post. Good memories. Anxious for Anastasia.