Sunday, July 31, 2016


Well if any of you are on FB….

You know by now that i traded the “lemon” in on a 2006 Roadtrek 210 Poplar…pic below at camp driveway…


She is 21 ft long just the right size…See that spare tire?? that is a problem for me…it weighs about 70lbs…and you need to let it down in order to open the other back door…to heavy so i will have to try and work around it…I seen on FB an add for a “lift”for the a price of over $300.00 …i will work around it..other than that the water is a little hard for me to hook up but i can do it…


In side the cockpit is same as any other Chevy or GMC for that matter…my GMC  Savanah had the exact samething as was the Lemon..nice and clean all around…no ware on the seats either…


Pic below looking back …twin beds…one bed and on sofa…or double bed….i like the one bed sofa idea…but having problems convincing Mz. Pheebe….the table that goes between beds/sofa is leaning on the right…at this time i will store it…as i dont see me using it…There is a third seat to the left by the side door…i have seen some that have been removed in favor of storage…but for now i will keep it…there is storage under it and i like to sit there with the door open….


Looking form the back to front …fridg on the left and bathroom/toilet closet on the right…and storage closet…tv on left lay in bed and watch tv…one reason i would like twin…


And below is the kitchen area…nice sink the counter space is more than i had in the Lemon….the two buner stove top is coverd on the left of sink…with stainless steel around the burner…lot of drawer space and cabnit…so far i like the storage better but i will miss my back bay…


Right now i have the bed made up to a 1/2 bed..i need a litte room to move around back there and if it is made to full then no room …either way this or twin..i have some ideas for more storage…


On a funny note…when i was taking the Lemon to pick up the RT…i left dads and stopped at WM …got out to go in and looked back and what did i see a hitch hiker bottle of windex riding on the bumper…the 2 mile trip is not with out bouncing and such…but there it sits…lol…our last trip to WM…


And the rest of the story….

What brought on this turn of events…well i have not been happy for the last 2 years driving the bigger class C…going to PA and over the mountains made me change most of my rt to I-95 that i hate also…and down here in Florida with all the heavy zooming traffic was getting nerve-wracking driving it here…5 years ago i had no problem driving it…turned 70 and that changed with a few other things….the big problem with all the leaking was getting worse by the week…other little things kept popping up and the boo-boo i did and then finding all the mess under the boo-boo but was not caused by it..then i started to have electrical problems…the lates being that a wire got burnd off in a junction box…got that fixed by the dealer that had the RT…then i was afraid to plug it in and i think i let my house battery get to low and killed it..not sure it is dead but i could not get it to charge up…but then what do i know…i totaly for got that i needed to turn battery off if not going to be charging…anyway to the RT…i seen this rig everytime i went down Wickham Rd at a small mom & pop type dealer…one day i pulled in to take a look…then went back about 10 times over next month ….hanging out in side with Pheebe to make sure it was campatible with us…and asking a million questions…by the end of the month i think they were getting tired of me…lol…but really nice peeps…so  i figured i better get rid of the Lemon while i had the chance …dealer checked it over twice knew all the repairs needed and still gave me a good deal… the trade in was what i paid for it when i bought it…so i took the deal…there were a couple things that popped up that needed attention on the RT…and even tho it was sold as is he fixed everthing…rebuilt the geny even with new carbarator the whole ball of wax…i could smell propane around the tankk when turned tech could smell the other said no…anyway said i could not take it like that …so they worked on it and found many leaks …and put in all new fitting and gauges…i also made sure everything else was working…i took it for two test drives and thought i heard some noise…anyway over the month i forgot about it…then after i traded and took it home the more i drove it the more noise it made…so took it back over …remember this “as is” we took it for a test they heard noise….so what was needed was bushings on the sway bar…they got them and fixed it…and i was good to go…i would send anyone to this dealer and would deal with them again…this was the short story lol…took me a lot of yes i am going to do it..then no i better not…could not make up my mind…i give thanks to my friend Margie…she was with me on this the whole time and and good advice and in put…the same Margie i went to MT Dora with and other road trips and more to come…i am now very excited with the RT and cant wait to camp …but it is way to hot here in Florida right now…i did take it on a day trip will plost later about it…enought for now…thanks for looking and come backsoon…blessings GM&P


  1. Looks like you made a good deal and it is the perfect size for just you and Pheebe. Wishing you many Safe and Happy Trips

    It's about time.

  2. I had the Ezee Lift put on my RT 210 spare tire. It was well worth it!

  3. Wow, this looks really nice! So easy to drive and park, I'd bet. I hope you have many, many happy camping trips with it. :)

  4. Surprised to read this post but I do remember you saying some time back that you were thinking about going smaller. I also had lots of problems with my Class C which I loved. However, the Class B I have now has many perks and none of the problems I had with the C. The one thing I miss the most is the storage space in the basement of the C. Can no longer bring all my toys with me. I also don't camp in the hot summer months. Looking forward to some cooler weather and then off I go. Going to Port Aransas beaches this winter. Might also make it to Florida. Have fun in your new camper.