Friday, September 30, 2016

Sad Happenings….

100_8215Pic of dad on 90th Birthday 2 years…

There has been a lot going on…sorry have not had time to post much…On Sept 16 my dad past to Heaven….after suffering a stroke 3 weekes before…it has been a trying time to say the least…he would have been 92 on Nov. 5….it is a sad time….

20160131_072129Sun rise at the home park…

I now have a lot to do…first i have to get my “stuff” all my wordly goods pack …purged and put in to a storage unit…then will have an estate sale for my dads house hold and then list the house for sale…in these few words it doesnt sound like much …but believe me it is a job…at first i was overwhelmed but after working on getting my stuff ready i can see progress…at first it seams like you have to make a big mess …then you see the progress…i dont see the light at the end of the tunnel yet but progress is i guess i will be homeless in a few months….but i do have my home on wheels…that is a good thing….

20150514_114915_resizedThe beach…

And now we are watching a hurricane that will be coming up the coast…hope it stays off shore like the modles are showing…

0726161423Soon to be home on wheels..

Well my new to me Roadtrek has been sitting in camp drive way most of the time…not been out ….after thinking about the weather…i know if a bad hurricane is on the way i am leaving the coast…anyway thinking that i need to get it ready to roll at any given moment in time…just in case…so this weekend inbetween working on packing & purging i will getting the RT ready to roll…i do not like being here alone in a bad storm let alone a herricane…we had a bad one a few days ago Pheebe and i was standing in the door way when lightning struck some place close …i jumped and i think  Pheebe jumpe 4 ft straight up in the air….

20160226_154405Pheebe is growing up…..

Pheebe girl is growing up and is behaving a lot better…but in some areas she has a lot to learn yet…i am planning on taking her to some classes to help her along…will let you know how that goes…just heard on the news hurricane is now a cat 4…ugh…i do have a couple camping trips coming up and will tell about then as time goes on…hope now i can be more on the ball with my posting…so will go now..thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all GM&P


  1. Glad you took some time away from work to update your blog. Nice to see the photo of your dad. Yes, you are making progress and soon you will reach your goal of being homeless LOL.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Father but as you recognize you can now follow your dream of seeing the beauty of your great country and there are no boundaries.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I'm so sorry about your dad. He looks very happy in the photo. You have a lot to deal with right now, that's for sure. Take good care of yourself, and I hope the storm won't be anywhere near you. Pheebe looks SO CUTE! :)