Thursday, October 6, 2016

We are out of here…...

Pheebe and i headed out…

we evacuated Melbourne yesterday moring to get out of the way of hurricae matt….sso glad we did…buy whaat i am hearing from my friend Margie ( i have no TV here no news source)it is going to be a very very bad storm…you all can see it on CNN and other news stations…


my co-pilot

We left Melbourne headed to the north west coast of Florida…Crystal River area…i was alone there at the house and after thinking and weighing everything decided i had to leave..dads friend came today and put up the hurricane shutters…and i put evevythig i could away…and now hoping for the best……...



stopped along the way

I have no idea when  i will be able to get back to Melbourne…they are saying be prepared to go days or weeks with out power…and that would be one of the reasons i will not alowed back in to the community or even Melbourne…that was one reason my dad never wanted to leave..afraid he could not get back to take care of the house…


breakfast at McD’s this morning

When i got here figured out i did not bring enough food or clothes so off to WaMart this morning …i am scared silly being here alone we are to get tropical storm wind and storms even this far away…but also about Melboure and the house the neighbors and everything involved…they said if you dont get a way from the beach area you will not make it…there has been alot of mandatory evacuation all along the coast…there is so much more going on and involved with this storm…but i just can write about it now…pray for Florida people and all the south east coast…thanks for looking and come back soon ..Blessing GM&P


  1. Love your little co-pilot, such a cutie. I think you have a great traveling companion. Glad we both made it thru Hurricane Matthew. Hope you get back to Melbourne and find everything is fine at your house.

  2. Such a scary time for you all down there. I heard today there are people who refused to leave, and one man had his roof torn off already. No one will come to help, too dangerous to rescue him. I'm glad you left before it got dangerous! Good luck - God bless you and Pheebe.