Friday, February 27, 2015


My site at Hardee Lakes….

below is my site….on the lake all pull thru…nice ….this is a very nice campground it is a county park and off the grid at this time…they just got water and elec. hook  ups put in…very quiet so far… the park is in one of the rural counties in Florida…where they grow a lot of oranges …I seen mile after mile and row after row of oranges trees with fat juice looking oranges on them… We are here at the invitation of forum member Vickie (Oma) her Dutch Oven group is having a GTG here this weekend…the D O peeps have yet to arrive I type some have started to come in and set up….do you see the cute little sweet black and white face looking at you in the pic below??


View out the front of my rig sitting at the picnic table view also…there are 5 lakes that are in this huge park…the camp ground is on this one..We got here sometime between 2&3 pm…Liz, Carol, Sarah, Dell, and a few others got here earlier….This was on Wed….later the evening Vickie and Dave had a Dutch Oven demo…cooking us a pork loin, sweet  potatoes, and pineapple up side down cake…all in the Dutch Ovens….I will do a separate post about it later….they made it look so easy and fun…looking at the lake from my picnic table..the front of my rig facing this…


Next early morning  a few dog walkers meeting up…CArol, Soos (walking up the trail) Sandy and Sarah in orange…and the dogs are there somewhere…really they were…later I joined up with Sandy and Soos and did about a mile walk around the lake…it is a longer hike  than that but I decided that was enough for me I didn’t want to push it….


And here is Mz Maggie enjoying her site of the lake…later on in the day Tina pointed out an alligator sunny his/her self in the lake just to the left of that little island…the lake is a little farther away than it we keep our distance with the pups…


Yesterday the weather was really nice…we had a pot luck and a camp fire….I will post about it late also…


I wanted to get this post done before I forget every thing…I am going to try and keep up with this trip..better than thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

Monday, February 16, 2015


Doing my….

b log a little different today…starting in the morning and working on it thru out the day…sitting here this morning eating breakfast watching the news…they were talking Speed Week …leading up to the Daytona 500..they show cased a man that just took delivery 2 weeks ago on his new class A RV that he ordered last year…they are camped there for the festivities all week….what made me almost choke on my toast…the price of said RV a little over 2 MILLION DOLLARS !!!!!…they did a little tour…outside kitchen, movie / TV, outside grill…all this and more built in the RV…inside looked like the inside of a 2 million dollar home …but to me it was over kill…just to much fancy / smancy stuff to take care of…if you want to keep it looking like it was worth that much money…any way it was over the top in looks and price…something not for me…only reason I would want one is if someone gave it to me…then I would sell it …lol lol…anyway I think I will go over to Melbourne Mall and check out the RV show and see if I can find any of those million dollar rigs…so will work on this again later and let you know,,,,

I did take a…..

run over to the Mall and checked out the RV show…it was La Mesa again..they are over there several times a year…They had another one of these throw back RV…this is a new 2015…I had pic of inside but deleted them by accident …grrrr….it was nice…


Also found this …it is a 2007 forget what…but it was one only a few used they had at the show…I liked the inside layout better than mine…wish I could trade even up…mine is 2007…and again my fingers were not working right..and inside pic got deleted…grrrr again…


Pic below I took cause it had twin beds at the back…this is not either of the above RV’s…



They sure can squeeze a lot of rigs in the small area they use in the mall parking lot….this is one of about 5 rows…more class A’s than anything…


They did not have one of those million dollar rigs over here …but there were a few million dollars worth there…so it was a million dollar Sunday all over the place…I worked up an appetite in and out of rigs all thought I might run into the Mall and get Chick-fil-a…my fav fast food…got there and forgot it is not open on got some bourbon chicken, rice, and garlic green beans…mmmm good…Then I headed back to camp drive way…was thinking about the rigs I saw and decided the one I have will not be my first & last rig…I seen a lot of things I would want and some things I don’t want…the used rig above had a nice sofa I could take out and replace with a lounge lazy boy type chair that would be better for my back…the kitchen layout was much better than mine…mine was ok until the spine/back problem showed up…you have to do to much twisting and turning to work in it and to reach the cabinets…and my dinette is definitely not comfortable…anyway I know more now what my needs and wants are than I did when I got this one …and I definitely do not want an entertainment center in the over cab area…Well I guess this is all for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

Saturday, February 14, 2015


We got a new….

market a few months ago…I had seen that it opened but never stopped to check it out…


Last week I was talking with MM and she was telling me about it…they had tons of stuff and it was really reasonably priced…besides every vegie and fruit know to man….they also have a bunch of ethnic food …most things I did not know what they were…lots of good looking things to cook with…but me would not know what to cook or how to cook with them….oh don’t get me wrong  I am a good cook ..just not with these exotic things…


And they do have some frozen meat and fish but they have a lot of good looking fresh…the meat looked so good and fresh it reminded me of the meat you would get in the neighborhood butcher  shop..and good fresh fish…the first day I was here and took the pics…was early and they did not have the fish out yet….


Also prepared food and a bakery…with really good food…things in the bakery not found at WM or Publix …Any way I can see me spending my $$ at this place…I really want to start eating vegan…not sure how …but I guess I can google it and find the how two and recipes..


on my excursion to the quilt shop…I ran into this gang…the little red guy…

Says Happy Valentines Day !!!


Thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings to all … G&M

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Took dad to….

Sam’s Club and seen this…I live in Florida and have to buy and eat California oranges….I do not get it….does Florida send oranges to California???


Me & Maggie went to a few yard sales last Sat. the first time in a very long time…I put 8 in. of memory foam on the seat of dads old car and that helps me so I can drive it…I don’t drive it far or long…the seats in my RV cause me no problems like the old old car seat…


On our travels we seen this small vintage festival ..only had a about a doz. peeps set up…was sponsored by the business parking lot they were set up in.. Sorry about the butt shot….I lost the good pic’s I took….20150207_100810_resized

I forgot the name…but I will be going back to visit the store…Sarah (and anyone else that comes to visit that like vintage/antique) I have a few new place to check out,,besides this one…


I had some much better pic’s but accidently deleted them…there was some really cool things here…below is some drift wood…he had a lot more but was so crowed I could not get a pic…lots of peeps attended this …


Well all for now Maggie and I are off to Wickham for a day trip…so thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This is the time of year….

that everyone is talking about and wanting to see Manatee…so I thought I would do a flash back and again show you my experience with the fantastic lovable  creatures…my experience was only about 500 yards from my camp drive way at dads in what I call my home park…the name of this park is Ballard starts out with the pic below…this is a mom and baby…mom is this big one in the foreground and if you look close on the left is the baby…I was leaning around the bush trying to get the pic…and they just kept munching away…I could not believe what I was seeing…I  could not get a good pic of the baby…


This was the first pic I took …could not get the baby so had to lean way out…lucky I did not end up in the drink…if you look closer behind you can see another manatee swimming by…this was high tied and the leaves from the bushes were hanging in the water…


Then a little while later I was walking around looking for manatee again…and walked up to this guy eating the grass from the bank…I was so close I could have reached out and touched him…you could not get any closer to him unless you were in the water swimming with him and the others…he just kept chomping and eating looking at me the whole time…I could not take my eyes off him…finally he just slowly backed out and went on is way…


Here is a pic of him leaving..he was very large but nothing in the pic to compare him with…


This was a really great day for was a week day and no one was around….I am not sure they would be that close on a weekend when the place is packed…I have since learned how to spot them while they are swimming around farther out in the river..they make small like oval waves as they swim along then all of a sudden you see this cute little nose pop up…this was a couple years ago…I haven’t been that close since…but I have been down there a couple times that Florida Wild Life has towed them to shore..when found dead…don’t want to flash back that memory…to sad…Well that was my fun time with manatee…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Camp driveway had….

visitors over the weekend (last)…Gloria and fur kids from Oregon Paco the dog and Elvis the cat were passing thru on there way south …I invited them to camp driveway …pic below they travel in a Pleasure Way….


A mutual RV forum member Sarah thought we might have a nice visit…she knew I like to have company even if they are just passing thru…we met at Wickham Park on Sat…took a ride to Palm Bay for a late lunch at Golden Coral..then back to Wickham to walk the pups…sat around and chatted ….I suggested she come on over and spend the night at camp driveway..she could hook up to my electric…


Pic of fence around the Rossetter House…

On Sunday we went exploring …Gloria found a place of interest on line…The Rossetter House and Museum in Eau Gallie…about 1 mile from dads…maybe less…funny thing this is my 5th year here and I never knew it was in my neighborhood…

20150201_130303_resized_2Gloria posing at the sign

This is a pic of the house from the side…it looks like the house was added on to over the years…There was a fence the whole way around the property we could not walk around the grounds….we had to peek thru the fence…you can see the fence on in the second pic…It was closed on Sun.


If you click on the pic below it tells you about the house…


I had put ribs in the crock pot with BBQ sauce so that is what we had for dinner along with some baked beans and potato salad I made…after that we just sat outside and chatted up a storm and playing with the pups….it was a nice diversion for me…I am bogged down here…this was a great time…On Monday she took off in the morning to meet up with another friend a little more south of here…I got some laundry done and that was it for Monday..Tues. me & Maggie spent the day at Wickham..Friday I had to go to the bank and WM…then went on down the road to a RV place I found to see about getting my awning  bracket replaced…Man said I need to find out what kind it is try and get a part # …and he thinks probably he can get it or has it all ready…if I cant find this I need to take the rig there to get part # …man thinks I can replace this my self…hmmmmm I think I can ..I think I can….with another pair of hands…at this point I am afraid to even open up the awning alone…my health is greatly improved…my back and spine will never be healed but I am working hard to keep it  under control ….on the 25th we are heading to Hardee Lakes Fl for a GTG…totally ready for that…all for now thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all…G&M