Monday, April 6, 2015


Sun rise over the lake….
I am up before sun rise most everyday…due to weather at Hardee Lakes there were not many sun rises  to photograph …but one morning I did get this beautiful shot…the sun with a little haze on the lake….I sat and watched it for long time…enjoying the solitude and quiet…
And the very next morning taken from the my same rocking chair…totally different scene …and it was beautiful in it’s own way…the picture does not do it justice …there was so much fog and dew I thought it was  raining the first hr. I was awake before I went out side…only drops on the roof coming of the trees…
This was a sight along the trail around the lake….looked to me like a deep forest of hanging moss from Robin Hoods Sherwood Forest in medieval times…almost can see the Merrimen hiding behind the moss…but it really looks like old Florida….
And about 3/4 the way around…(at the land bridge) there is a pavilion with a stage and picnic tables…and this boardwalk taking of in another direction is a hiking trail also…I did not take this trail…still taking care of my back…when I took a look on Google maps there were a lot of neat looking trails…hopefully in the fall I can do more…
And this is the land bridge that connects the two lakes at this end of the 1250 acre park…the campground is around the one on the right…it seems that now that mating season is here and warm sunny weather alligators lay along the edge close to the water …not a lot just a couple…lol… and not all the time…
Well I certainly had a very fun and peaceful time last week …This was my plan for retirement…full time on the road until such a time I was tired of it or until I could no longer do it…but for now I am living in Florida so that my 90 year old father is not alone.... I am going to PA for a few months…I think I will leave before Memorial  Day in order to stop in VA so see daughter and family that includes my new Great Granddaughter…I seen her in Sept. she will be a year old in July…then on to see my youngest grandchild Brooke (sons daughter) graduate from Meadville High School….also might be able to meet up with a few of my RV friends from the Women RV forum ….not sure how long I will be gone…I have people looking out for my dad…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all G&M

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