Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Maggie gassing up….

ready to get on the road to Hardee Lakes campground…she likes to drive Winking smile this was on the March 26th…about 150 miles…took us about 4 or so hrs. to get there…we stopped a couple times…first stop was Vero Beach at some outlet stores…ate lunch and rested the back and took a walk …


When we got there Linda & Sandy were already there…they came up from Ortona Locks Campground…below my site…same lake different view…just up a couple down  from where I was last month at the GTG…


The main reason for this trip ..I had made an appointment with the Camp Host who also happens to be ON SITE RV Techs…to have my roof caulked and awning looked at and fixed if possible…


George taking a look to see what the problem might be…and he figured it out right away…the switch thing you have to flip before pulling out the awning was jammed not sure how that happened but could be when the guy fixed the bracket that holds the arm to the rig….anyway he got the job done….


And there is the awning that has been hiding for the last year…it has been almost a year since I had it out…was not broken all that time..when I was in PA this summer did not use it…and it broke some time since I got back to FL… I was surprised that it was not all moldy and mildew …Happy I can use it again.


And the rest of the story…..

Like I said the purpose for the trip was to get work done…well when we got there on Thru. it was beautiful weather wise…but shorty went down hill…was cold and rained all day on Friday…we figured that would be a good time to go grocery shopping and what ever else need done…because you sure couldn’t do anything camping…I did talk to the rangers and it was ok to extend my stay so I did that and staying a week…the roof had to be cleaned and prepped for the caulking and had to wait out the weather for that…then had wait for it to dry….anyway it got done and I am very pleased with the job George did all around…I have more about our week here will do more post about it later…thanks for looking and come back soon …..Blessings to all G&M

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