Friday, October 3, 2014


This is another ….

view of the Peaks of Otter mountain….Liz ask me if I wanted to go on the shuttle ride to the top of the mountain…”I don’t think soooo !!!”  She wanted to go but the timing was not right…this pic was taken at the lake in the valley…visitor center and lodge / restaurant…the view from here was beautiful and the mountains do look blue..sorry about the fingers…


We hiked the trail the went around the lake…not sure why I didn’t take more pic’s..not a big lake but very pretty…


On this property is this log cabin…Liz ask me if in had ever seen an “Ordinary”  ..nope never heard of one…well the cabin is just that…an Ordinary from the 1800’s


Below is a discription of an Ordinary…basically it was an Inn or a stopping place for a weary mountain traveler…this one was run by Polly Wood…you can click on the pic below to see better…


And the rest of the story…

I am trying to play catch up with my travels…even tho it is a pain traveling and not at all comfortable …..with all this stuff I am taking with me…I am still having a fun  and interesting good time …working my way slowly back to Florida…right now I am in SC visiting with Cynthia aka Miss Mermaid …on the Women RV forum we all have nick names..anyway .. I still have some interesting things to tell about the D –Day Memorial…and Booker T Washington Memorial…I will be done with my fun time …leaving here tomorrow and be in Melbourne on Sun. I will be glad to get unloaded and clean up the rig…and get the doc appointments out of the way…and any things that need to be done …not sure where I will stop tomorrow night…anyway thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all G&M

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