Sunday, October 19, 2014



was taken to the Bedford VA street festival…they had the usual crafts, food and dress up…cute couple below..back in the day I would have been interested in the crafts…but those days are gone…would have liked a nice quilt show included….


In stead we found some of the old buildings that made up the town…I should have did this b log sooner..cause now I cant remember what this building below was….grrrr..


We liked this building below…and even liked it more when we found out it was a Civil War Museum …no photos in side so all you get is the building and I am no photographer …it had a lot of civil war artifacts …old stuff …things like that I find interesting…part of all our pasts…think about this…just a little over 100 years ago (not a long time when your are 90 like my dad) the main mode of transportation was horse and buggy…now we fly around in outer space!!!…amazing...think about it…


And then there is the…

stop on the way back to camp…we stopped at pick your own apple orchard / market …we did not pick off the trees…I got mine out of huge bins of many, many differed kinds of apples…I don’t remember the price but I got a bag full of 7 different kinds with at least 2 of each kind some 3.. it was very good price tho.…Liz didn’t get any cause she had just bought a big bag somewhere else…


Inside the market is the pic below…they had a ton of apple items and some other jelly's and jams …I was looking for apple jelly (not apple butter)…they only had apple cider jelly and I was afraid to get it in case I didn’t like it…but after tasting the fresh cider Liz got… that they press with their own apples I was very sorry I didn’t get it!! I love apples straight from the orchard as apposed to store bought…same with the apples comparison


And for the …..

the ” apple a day “ I am not sure this is what the doctor had in mind to keep him away…Fresh Fried  “right then and there” …apple pies !!! Oh my what a treat…was delish…we at them on the way back couldn’t wait…think they were almost go before we got out of the parking lot…


Well that’s about it for now…I am having a hard time remembering everything…getting sick with that kidney stone the day after I got back to Florida hasn’t helped my memory…I will have to be doing a better job of it…if I am going to be doing some trips and traveling …so anyway thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all…G&M

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  1. The only thing that we found clears the kidney infections is drinking several glasses of Cranberry juice daily.
    Kathy and I both love to travel but the last few years the water in Florida in particular have given Kathy Kidney infections. This has prompted us to start drinking only the water from water dispensing stations. We will use it for coffee, tea, cooking and just to straight.
    As much as we love the state we can't drink the water and it's just over two months before we start our trek back down south.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.