Tuesday, October 28, 2014


After we …

were finished visiting with Andy & Barney in Mayberry… spent 2 days there as we did not want to travel on a rainy day…we moseyed on down the highway  ..(not the interstate) another first for me…going to one camping destination to the next on side roads…anyway we ended up at Chester ST. Park in SC…below is my site ..I guess you could call it a lake front site….


The view out my bedroom window…cant get much better!! Unless it was the ocean…but I like this pretty good…


Below is Liz & Thistle’s site..next to ours…this is a small state park only 25 sites..one small loop..very quiet…lazy and sweet!!


We got the kayak…

and the Kayoo out to take a paddle on the Lake…Liz pumping up the inflatable kayak…Since I been having problems with my legs she let me try out the Kayoo since it has more leg room…I think I could get use to it!!!


A couple of pic’s below of the lazy lake..

100_8071The lake like glass…100_8068

By the time we got out there the wind had kicked up a little…but it was still a very nice paddle…I am a little rusty…this was only the third time kayaking for me and a new experience in the Kayoo..think I could get the hang of it…


Here below is Liz taking a pic of me taking a pic of her….lol


While we we were hiking the trail around the lake we happened on a turtle that was caught on a fishing line hanging from a branch out over the water…like were Liz is in pic below.. we went looking for him … went all over the area where we thought he was but only found a few empty fishing lines…we were pretty sure he got off the hook and line…


Walking the trail around the lake…

100_8067Hey Thistle wait for me ….

There were even a few steps to be climbed while hiking the lake trail…we did not see any wild life ….I wouldn’t mind seeing some as long as it isn’t the kind the crawls on the ground.. if ya know what I mean..once we saw deer while hiking…not here tho…


And the rest of the story…

After the Blue Ridge Parkway experience this was a very much needed laid back stop over…finally relaxing after the  harrowing drive up to and on the Parkway…I sure wish I could get over this phobia I have…finally getting over the one kidney stone …but there is still one in the left kidney…drinking a ton of water trying to float it out…lol…went last week finally to craft with the church ladies ..making things for their bazar…going again this week…today Monday 27th I am spending the night at Wickham CG..to dump tanks…I love coming over here…cant wait until later when some of the Women RV girls will come and visit and camp….well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessings to all G&M

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  1. So happy to see this about Chester SP...I was wondering since I've never stopped there..it looks really nice! I was very close to stopping at Chester on my way up to the parkway on those rainy dayzzz but I odnt havn RV I camp in my van so opted to get out of the rain that day...the driving on the parkway can be hairy...I just finished a drive up it to Shenandoah...I got on a Fancy Gap and then took I-81 back down to I-26.