Monday, July 21, 2014


Got this…

furnace filter at WM the other day….had to get a pack of 4 only needed one…the filter on my rig A/C was shot..It was very dark almost black I tried using the sweeper hose to pull out any dirt …but it still looked black in places…I am not close to an RV store so had to figure out something until I can get to one...


so I got out an old pair of scissors and cut the card board off the green filter…I found out when trying to wash (found out you cant do that,) the old filter one needs to use gloves while handling this fiber…after I cut the card board..I used the cover as a template for the new filter…when I washed the old one it more or less fell apart…even tho I did it by hand…this worked out great I hope it does the job…except that it is green…at this point that does not bother me…


And here is the finished project…green looks ok…I did see that my cover is broke in one guess that will be on the list to get also…I did not get this project done to soon ..I went out at 5pm to watch the news and it was hot…and also tomorrow it is suppose to be 90!


Maggie pic …..

of the day…here she is looking over her domain …..watching out for those pesky squirrels…and now she has a pesky baby bunny to watch out for …ahh a dogs life….


And the rest of the story….

Well I have not been posting or on line that much lately ..because of Verizon…to let you know how it is …take this months data usage from my Jet Pack…it started new on July 13th and 5 days later Verizon told me that I had already used 1/2 of my data…I called them on several occasions with no help what so ever…they are worthless…I have not done anything different that would cause this usage… I am afraid to get on line…because I pay bills on line and do my banking also…and I need the data for that when the time comes…I really don’t know what to do…except go with a different server…any suggestions out there..??? Work on the house is coming along…I am now patching some cracks and small nail holes in the hall and also working on that large hole in the upper hall son started to patch it up last summer…also been working on some sewing …making some string quilt blocks…I am going to post on my other blog about that soon …so go check that out…have two sewing stations set up in the dinning room one for me and one for my sister…I am going to take a break and go camping on Fri. and Sat…RV friend Liz is passing thru here on her way to to see her sister on MA…we will camp at the Shenango Damn campground…it will be a much needed fun time…So I will leave you with this post and hope it doesn’t eat up to much data…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all ….G&M


  1. I would make sure you have your WiFi password protected! A neighbor may be surfing on your connection! Make sure your connection is locked.

  2. Sondra just took the words out of my mouth. If your MiFi Jet Pack is not password protected it becomes a WiFi for everyone who wants to use it. Then you have no data to use. If you are not sure how to set it up take it to a Verizon Corporate outlet and they should help you to do so.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.