Saturday, January 15, 2011



Hi all, I have some news. Been thinking on this for awhile now and decided to stop blogging here at this time. When I made this blog I was planning on selling out all my stuff and home , get an RV and do some traveling. Well since then things have changed (we never know) and I am now going to be living in Florida. I am moving here to help out my 86 yr old dad. He does not want to move back up north and he can't be alone any more. So I am going to move over to my other blog and just post everything there. I will still be posting any short trips ( camping I hope) that Maggie and I take, and geocaching along with everything else I post about there. So I hope you will come along over and keep up with Mag and I there. Thanks for looking and commenting on this blog. If and when I do any traveling that amounts to anything I will start this back up again.

see you at

Thanks G&M

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