Friday, January 7, 2011




THE CACHE WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA : Nice 65 windy sunny great day!
Maggie and I went out and about today. Went to first estate sale, dud, picked over by the time I got there. We then went across the river past Merritt Island to Satellite Beach. That was about 30 mile north of Melbourne Beach where the next estate sale was. We were checking all the things to see and do on the way down the highway. See some Plant City strawberries on the side of the road for sale. Stopped to see about getting a qt. Well they did not sell them by the qt. The the smallest was a 3 pt. for NOW GET THIS!! $13.00. We did not get them! What you got, looked to me about 1 1/2 qt. At the same spot was a thrift shop so I ran in there for a few min. Nice little store, I got a whole big bag of sewing patterns for $1.00. The mostly were from the 70's. Good for my esty store and my art projects. About 1/2 way stopped for lunch had a coupon from Micky'D's got Angus Berger with free med fry and free med drink. We pulled of to one of the public access areas to the ocean and ate. Then took Maggie for her P&P walk , then we headed for the beach. Great day for walking on the beach, but I was only there about 1/2hr as dogs are not allowed on the beach. I found a lot of shells, but could only take a handful because I forgot to take a bag. I also found a fishing lure. Click on the pic's to make them bigger. Then we went to the other two estate sales, and headed home. Nice day.
The cache of the day is one I found this last weekend. So far in Florida the guard rail is far and few between. This is the first one that I have seen and I had to be lead to it via a geocache. From the hints on the web site, I though it should be pretty easy for me to find, as we have tons of them in the north. But didn't find the typical magnet hide. So thought must be one of the bolts.
Just as I was checking them out ....a lady muggler came out of her house and said here it is. As you can see in the pic, it was 1/2 bold , you unscrewed it and it was hallow and the cache was in there. Bummer, I wanted to find it, oh well I will take the smiley anyway.
Thats it for today thanks for looking

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