Sunday, November 8, 2015


Good morning everyone….

Greeting you with a pic of one beautiful sunrise seen while I was at McIntosh FL…been a lot happening since then…some good some not so good…I went to the dog thingy at Cocoa last weekend and it was a bust …no dogs for adoption only a bunch of vendors trying to sell you something and not all of it was dog related….


Theses cuties was spotted at the festival…riding around in this quad dog buggy being pushed by their dad…it this pic they had just spotted their mama at a booth….look at them soooo sweet….the one on the left back was really small and hard to see and get a pic of…


And the rest of the story…

Only a couple of pix this time…have been taking myself and dad to a lot of Doc appointments…It seems that when my back Doc sent me to a neurologist to have to spine/pinched nerve test done and upon his exam and evaluation he thinks I might have had a stroke at some point…so had MRI  of brain and ultra sound of carotid arteries …had that done last week…my follow up is not until Dec 7…but I don’t want to wait a month …if I did have one I want treatment started right now not in a month…going to call and see if I can get in sooner….I have did some research and know more life style changes I have to make more than I have already do for the spine/back …I have already got a leg up on that…more exercise and diet changes…things that I should have been doing all along…3 years ago I was in a good place walking ..going to the gym and eating right ,..lost some wt.… then life stuff happened and I got lost…in my younger years I did eat and get exercise …not sure what happened over the years…I hope I can reverse some of this problem…I will let you know what the test say…this morning I got up again before the sun and started out on my walk…(having problem sleeping also with stress chasing me) came back …checked my oil and the water in the rig engine battery…I hate that job…I got a new house battery a deep cell closed gel battery…expensive but worth it to me…holds good charge and last a long time…also I have developed some leaks …so when I examined the rig …I found a lot of places there was no caulking…where I thought should be from the factory….When I went to the RV show at the mall a few weeks ago I check the new rigs and all of them had caulking everywhere…mine did not…so started on the back end where I have a problem (because of a big boo boo I made on the way south) not going to talk about it either…anyway cleaned it with denatured alcohol and then caulked…going to do a little at a time …so I don’t hurt my back or anything else…anyway by 9 am it was to hot to be outside…this is not normal Florida Nov, weather…well all for now I will leave you with my sunrise I seen this morning….thanks for looking and come back soon blessing G&M..


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  1. Hope the back issue comes back as only a pulled tendon for your sake. Not nice to be messing with a stroke. Either way exercise will be the best therapy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.