Tuesday, December 16, 2014


On my patch…

of grass  or sand in Melbourne FL…not much has been going on…made these last week to send out to family in the north…


When I spent a couple nights at the campground last week..they had a light show in the main park…


They have over 3 million lights and put up all kinds of displays…I took the pic below because the red was so brilliant I thought it might show up with my little camera …but as you can see didn’t work…looks more like faded pink…


And what would a Florida Christmas be with out alligators and flamingos …look at the cute guys …but not so cute when you run across a big old grand daddy while kayaking…that would be me…lol…


And then there are these cute birdies…I love flamingos always have…but this is one bird that I have yet to meet in person…I think I will have to further south for that event…someday…I know it is a lousy pic but take my word for it they were cute…


Below is a pic my son posted on FB…the cookies are in the tins above each stocking…with the tag hanging with names on them and a little gift tucked inside the tag…tins above each family members Christmas stocking that I crochet for them…it started years ago when my kids were little ..I made stockings for them …then later when they got married I made for spouses and later grandkids…now it is a tradition …I make each one their own tin of cookies…because I think there might be one or two that gets more  cookies  than the others…so I fixed that problem Winking smile..My peanut butter blossoms are the best ever…I have a little secret on how I make them…


And that is about all that is going on…have appointment next Mon. with doc about my back…I have noticed that in the last 6-8 weeks that I have been sick with the kidney stone and not doing much of anything …the pain is better..still have the numbness in legs and feet..but I think over all …things are better….so I want to avoid any shots in the spine and hope to go for exercise and physical thearpy…I will definitely be changing my life style…but I will wait and see what doc says…anyway thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all .. G&M


  1. For the past two years Kathy has developed severe kidney infections caused by the Florida water. Using a combination of Antibiotics and Cranberry juice she was able to nurse herself back to health. Even boiling the water did not help as a fact our kettle died from the mineral buildup. Back home her kidney infections totally disappeared. This year the Florida water will be used for bathing, laundry and washing dishes only. Bottled or dispensed water will be all we'll be drinking.
    Nice Christmas gifting ideas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wow I'm surprised to hear this about Florida water. I wonder if it is all over the state. Hope you can get yours cleared away with Kathy's remedy. Your stockings are darling. Looks like you have to make a lot of cookies to fill all those tins.