Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Well it is….

Wednesday Dec. 3rd and I am hard put to find something to b log about…the only thing going on around here is health issues….and not sure that makes for a good blog post….I am still dealing with the kidney stone issue, could be in my bladder…as there I pain , burning and all that discomfort in my bladder..keeps me awake at night…going to see the doc about this again today…I expect that he will want to “go get it” as he said last week…ugh…is all I can say…I finally found a personal care physician as they now say instead of family doctor…I found my old nurse practicener (sp) that I saw in 2011 –12  anyway it turns out she is in with a doctor that a nurse in kidney doc office told me about…she thought also that the pain in my legs and feet and other problems with them …might be coming from my lower back…damage from when I was in auto accident in 03…had MRI for that yesterday…so we will see what happens…I don’t always feel that sick …but I don’t feel good either…don’t feel like doing much…I have not even been going over to the church the last 2 Tues…. I want to try and spend at least 2 days a week at Wickham CG…but that has not happened either…I also hope to go and visit other friends staying at other camp grounds in Florida…this would help my mental health greatly…


I did muster up a couple pic’s of Maggie this summer lounging on the front porch in PA…


Well I guess that will be all for now…thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessings to all G&M

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  1. Hoping the doctors find and fix your problem so you can get back to enjoying life again soon.
    Blogging is like a diary where you keep track of things for yourself but allow others to know what is going on in your life. Whether it's good, bad, beautiful or ugly it gives everyone a look of reality. Don't be scared to share.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.