Sunday, December 21, 2014


No not here ….

in Florida…these were taken in 2009 the first year I came to Florida…looking down the street…


And looking from another directions…

sno 09

Snow clinging to a tree in my front yard…

sno 09 2

Down town Greenville PA……


Taking a run to the store…as I was trying to get out of town …I was low on food and such…so had to go out every few days and re-supply…didn’t want a bunch of stuff sitting around while I was gone…it snowed and snowed ..took me 10 days to get on my way..


This is a rail road trestle that passes over one of the main roads …someone went up there and built 3 waving snowmen…very dangerous thing to do…but it was fun to look at…I kept thinking they were waving me on to Florida…lol…

snowmen 2

The rest of the story….

Does it look like I am missing the snowy north land??…Well I think I might me…(a little) mostly it is the time of year and missing my family…thought my daughter and hubby were coming for Christmas but that didn’t work out…so I am sad… my dad is just sitting around won’t do anything he is a  whole other story and I wont got there … I am totally upset about everything including my health and not in the won’t be any Christmas here this year…I have doc appointment on Monday …so I hope I get some good results I am having problems sleeping and I think the results of the MRI is what is causing the problem along with still getting that numbness on my left side and pain on right side…I am trying not to do anything..but I am usually a very active person and its hard being still problem I cant sit either so that leaves out any crafting and sewing I could do…I tried some sewing the other day on a blanked for Charley and that was a mistake..made some BBQ Baby Back Ribs..coleslaw and sweet potatoes fries for game day food…if this bad mood continues much longer I can see me indulging myself in comfort food…and that would be really bad…gaining wt. would not be good for my spine problem…well I will go watch the Steelers win the game today…that will put them in the play off’s…go Steelers!!! thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. Oh goodness I had no idea there was ever that much snow in Florida. I am SO sorry to hear that things are looking so bleak for you. I know not being with your kids over the holiday is a huge disappointment. Maybe you should stay up north until after Christmas like most snow birds do and celebrate it with your family and then come down. Doesn't sound like it will do your dad good one way or the other and it might do you a lot of good. Be sure to tell your doctor about everything that is bothering you so s/he can help with the health issues. Hope that appointment goes well.

  2. Were those pics from Florida or PA? I am hoping PA cause I read somewhere recently that Melbourne FL had not had snow in the past 150 years of recorded weather records. Sometimes just laying out the problems is a way to let go, take a deep breath and realize that life is good when you wake up alive!