Monday, September 22, 2014


Here in front …..

of the house …yes the one with the for sale sign in front of it!!!! On Friday morning…


and ended up here…only about 2 hrs. from the house…this is small campground in MT. Morris PA…very small…20 sites maybe…I didn’t count them….below a pull thru with elec. and water…30.00 ..a bit pricey for not much..ok for an emergency like I  had…


Below a view of the very small one loop…


Below Maggie walking around…with me of course…


And the rest of the story….

Today is Monday I am posting this.…after we left the house on Friday…on I-79 there was construction…well some places it was really tight…for a car let alone a motor home or a 18 wheeler….most of the time we were riding that rumble strip on the side…they had the pylons way past the middle of the road…you know those ones (not the barrels) the ones  that are flat and are made of hard rubber…well the big rigs had  knocked down  at least 7 out of every 10 flat…one pylon come along and hit the bottom  bracket of my awning the one in front…I never even felt it just heard a ping noise…so got that wired and bungeed up..and started out …a few miles up the road the rig started to shimmy and shake…well as time wore on it got worse..much worse…I stopped at a few places but no one could help me…so I found the camp ground above and stopped for the day and try and figure out what to do…after thinking about it and researching on the internet most of the night…at first I thought it was the front end of the rig..out of line or something …but after that night I decided it was the in the morning I ask the campground owners where I might get it looked at…they sent me to Roushs now remember this is just a tiny burg….this is one of two business…the other being a grocery store…


Some how they come to the conclusion that the shimmy and shaking  was the passenger tire…because that is where the pylon hit the awning clamp…it must have it the tire…I didn’t think so cause I never felt or saw a thing and there was not other damage not even a paint scratch…so off it came and low and behold the belts inside the tire were broke…and he just happened to have one to got that on and paid for…back out on the highway…and guess what still shimmy and shaking…didn’t know what to do…himed and hawed around and stopped at a place and ask a few questions and decided to turn around and go back …this all happened on Sat. morning…


Well this is not the end of the story by a long shot,,,but I am tired and will continue next post…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M


  1. Oh my goodness what a horrible start to your trip. I wonder if it is other tires. If the belts were broken on the one perhaps they are on the others. But it is strange that this started after that incident on the interstate. I just hate those construction zones where they make the lanes too darn narrow. Big rigs can just blast on through but motor homes can't.

  2. Yikes! So not good when "The Fix" doesn't work! Hopefully, you're on the road to a quiet rig!