Thursday, September 25, 2014


Sat. afternoon….

When we returned to Rouchs at Mt. Morris…they looked the rig over and thought it was the front end out of line…Jeanne Rouchs called about 5 or 6 other garages  none could help…finally found one in Waynesburg Pa….about 10 miles back north…so up I –79 we went …funny thing is I stopped at a Chevy dealership on Fri. and they would not even look at tires..but sent me to a questionable trucking company…and I went right by this place that Jeanne found for me..anyway the name of the place Wade’s is in pic below…big big business…very busy place..They took up almost a whole block and then had a lot else ware…but they could not get to me before 3pm…


So at about 3 they got the rig up on a lift and about an hr. later Mr. Wade came and got me to go back he wanted to show me while it was on the lift what the problem turned out to be…was not anything wrong with the rig its self..not front end nothing in fact he said rig was well taken care of and was in great shape…not the first garage to tell me that…any way he went thru the routine with the tires and said that 3 out of the last 5 tires had broken belts inside…remember I replaced one we talked about it and decided to replace all of them…but it was late sat. afternoon and he could not get them until Mon…. also one tire on the back had some kind of soft spot…you could push it with your finger…so I could not drive it very far…certainly not back to that CG…So I ask about a WM….


Walmart was only about a mile away…so off we went….told them my plight and they were very nice and said I could stay as long as needed….so we spent the weekend at WM..We are in the Allegheny mountains..this new WM was at the top of a small mountain all by its self…biggest one I have see so far in my travels…but at least we had a great view…



Nice mountain views from WM


this is still not the end of the story …. I have to go play with Charley Renee will post more later…I am leaving here  in the morning…so thanks for looking and and come back soon..blessings to all G&M


  1. Oh my goodness. I really did think that if one tire had broken belts, they all did. That company you bought the one from should have looked at them all. Very shoddy business if you ask me. How old are your tires? I sure hope you get good ones this time and get back safely on the road. With tires like that you could have had a blow out and a serious accident. Glad you are safe and being taken care of, regardless of the cost. Just remember that in a year it will be a memory.

  2. So sorry for your tire problems... as long as you're stranded at a Walmart, you might look for a cache there... small reward for your plight.

  3. If you use your motorhome, it breaks down. If you don't use your motorhome it breaks down. Either way I have to save up money for the maintenance and repair kitty. It always seems like it's never enough. I've had work done at truck places, at least they understand the weight logistics.