Friday, September 26, 2014


As the storm clouds….

gathered over head we headed back to Wade’s on Mon. I had called at 11 like he said to,,,and the tires came and to come at 1pm and they would put them on…you were right Sherry they all were bad…


When we got there they took the rig right in..and started…I took Maggie for a walk and then came back to keep my eye on things…they had two guys working on the tires…(this is important on Tues. morning)…after bit  Mr. Wade came around and said …where is your spare tire? I said…oohhh you really don’t want it do you???


Yep …he did…it seems like the rim on a front tire was bent they wanted to use the spare rim…so as you can see in the pic below I had to empty out the back bay….and it was packed to the gills!!! I never did get it packed back the way it was with everything…so more stuff had to come to the living area…that is full also to the gills…what a mess we are living in…I can hardly stand all the chaos..I ask how rim got bent …Wade said it was probably like that when I got the rig…


So it was after 4pm before they were done and I could leave …by then it was to late to get on the road to Winchester ….so we went back to WM and they said no problem for another nite…no problem with me either cause I was happy we were going to be on the road… I said good by to Wade and told him he was a nice guy ..but I didn’t think I would be back to see him……NOT!!…Got up bright and early with a very very low tire…Sad smileso sad I was…Sad smileSo got ready to leave and headed straight over to Wade’s…


You should have seen Mr. Wade’s face when I walked in…told him come have a look at the tire..he was perplexed as I was…so had one of the guys jack it up , take it off and test it out…in the mean time he went to talked to the other guy that had been working on it the day before…I watched them do the testing..and no leaks…just to be safe they took the other one off and tested that one leaks…Wade came back and tested also…then he said he thinks the other guy yesterday did not fully inflate the tire…he said it was their fault the tire went down…because it was only filled to 50 lbs…it got into the 30’s that night and it dropped 10 lbs in the cold…they put it back on filled it up …and told me it was good to go…I said…hmmm since you have all these big tow trucks..if I needed to call you about this tire you would come and get me …(for free) wouldn’t you?…he laughed and said he would not have to..he was confident it was ok…so off we went…about an hr. out we stopped at a rest stop and I looked at it…me being paranoid…thought it looked low..talked to a couple guys they said there was a Pilot station up the road…to make long story short…ran into a trucker that check tire and it was ok…and it has been ok ever since…so that’s my story…We are leaving here this morning soon…heard from Liz so I am going to try and catch up with her…it is really hard living in the rig with furniture bungeed to the couch and every inch of space taken…have to move stuff of the bed every night just to sleep..well I have to get ready to roll…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

PS…I almost forgot…the tires that had broken belts were made in Nov. 2011…I bought the rig in Oct 2012…so they were less than 1 year old …Wade told me they should never have been put on a vehicle that big …so that was the problem… I sure learned a lot about tires…


  1. Glad you made it through that ordeal unscathed. Most times tires are installed on vehicles because of their load capacity. The size of the vehicle has nothing to do with it. Those tires were bad right from the manufacture.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I don't know much about tires but sure am glad you finally got the problems fixed and were able to move on.

  3. What terrible ordeal. I know what you mean by not trusting things when you've had problems with them. I'm glad you are finally rolling on good tires, and you should be safe now. :)

  4. WHEW am I glad you have new tires now. What's the DOT date on them so you'll know how old they really are. Some tires sit in the warehouse for as much as a year. Wonder why anyone would put tires too small on your rig. Really stupid. Could have been a tragedy. I'm so glad you are on your way. Do you have a tire pressure gauge so you can check them yourself?? I check ours every time we move and carry an air compressor to pump them up if they need. I've been having trouble with Ruby's new tires holding air. I think it's the alloy rims. Hate them.

  5. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get things taken care of without getting into an accident. That's the worst way to find out you have bad tires. That being said, your rig sounds dangerously overloaded which also has an affect on tires. It isn't safe for you or for anyone else on the road to use it as a moving van. Hope the rest of the trip goes okay.

  6. Thanks for all your comments...I am glad to be on the road..i have not had any internet for a while...have it now but not long ..they told me the tire belts have been breaking over time and finally just gave out...don't think rig is over loaded...not even 100 lbs between the table and dresser I am taking to Fl...those are the heaviest things I have..I usually have next to nothing in it because I go no where and don't live in it...just day trips, camping for over night or a all accounts they were bad tires....I made a mistake saying size...he did not...he said load cap...any way it was a learning experience ...

  7. Oh you poor thang! We got to get you a tire pressure gage, they are cheap and small, about like a writing pen. These motorhomes are a huge learning curve. Hope to see you SOON!