Sunday, August 3, 2014

2nd camping day….

We spent most of the time….

doing this…if we were not exploring or walking with the fur babies…relaxing under the apple trees between our sites…with fur babies…Maggie wants her own chair after seeing Thistles chair…her rug is not good enough now!  think Harley the Bark Ranger has his own chair also…so looks like Maggie girl will be getting one…lol


On Sat. we went for a day adventure…

We started out going to the flea market at the Andover Ohio drive in theater…it is only about 20 miles from the CG…maybe less….Liz found a great like new “birdie scope” at the market…here she is below trying it out at the CG after we got back…we were looking for something to focus on that would not fly away while she figured out the settings…I spotted a water tower up by the ranger station…it looked like there was something black on top of it…so she put the scope on it and the black dot looked like a we were focusing on it for awhile and we decided it was a fake bird…looked like the shape of a hawk…maybe put there to keep out osprey or eagles from building a nest there?….she tried to take a pic thru the scope but did not work…Sorry forgot to take pic at the flea market….


Then we headed ….

Pymatuning State Park…since we were in Ohio we started on the Ohio side of the spans the two states…we just kind of rode around the water area and did not get out to explore much in Ohio…where we were was only a small part of the lake…

100_7611Pic above is the old main gate house…PA side

When we got to the PA side of the lake…we checked out a couple areas…I didn’t take pics but Liz did and maybe she will post on her b l o g about it…when we got to the  main damn area there was festival going on so we went across the damn and checked out the other side…where the damn lets out the water that feeds the Shenago river…


When we arrived …we just missed a tour of the gate house…I was sorry to miss that…I have lived here all my life and never seen the gate house open to the public…

100_7620Fisher people across from the gate house

Below is a pic of a pontoon boat from the festival give free rides…we did not go to the many people for the dogs and just as we were checking out the gate house they started shooting a canon…loud noise …the babies were afraid…so we was time anyway…was a long day…


Below is the area where the water is being let out…to form the river…I guess you could call it the head waters….


And the rest of the story…

I have not been line much because it seems like I am losing a lot of my GB’s from my Verizon internet…I have gone round and round with them…to no avail…they are no help at all…and after reading a lot of on line complaints …looks like it could be faulty Jetpack..but they will not admit to that…when I get back to FL I will be looking  into finding  another provider..Getting a lot done on the house….inside…I will take a few pics and make a post soon…have a health issue…found a couple spots on my left fore arm and hand went to the dermatologist they did biopsy's …have to wait a week to find out…l really enjoyed my weekend camping trip…hope to do some more…but my time in PA is running short…over half gone already…I told the doc I had to leave by mid Sept. so need to get what ever treatment going right away…well that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Baby Charley pic…

photo 2


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