Monday, August 18, 2014


After leaving the campground…

We went to the pet food store to get Maggie some food and stopped at Jo-Anne’s…Went in the Giant Eagle grocery store deli and picked up a couple things for lunch…and headed back to Greenville …But not before stopping at Shenango Lake again….

100_7653Parked at the lake again…

This time we parked on the other side of the causeway….we ran across this flock of geese flapping it up on the lake…I am not sure what they were doing out there maybe having a gang fight…lol

100_7641Flapping geese….

Below is a pic of the causeway ( they are repairing it)…I tried to keep the cranes and other work stuff out of the pic..That strip of land and trees underneath the bridge is the campground…

100_7642Causeway and campground ….

Below a view out the door where we ate our lunch…after eating we did a little walking around here and down by the lake….


We walked down to the boat launch … there is a fishing area there also…it is fixed so that the handicap can fish from it..


Maggie pic of the day…she likes the to sleep with her head on a small pillow…

100_7656Let me sleep please…

And the rest of the story….

Well I am down to the nitty gritty of having the last big blow out yard sale..this is it the last one…after 6 years of fixing and down sizing I see the light at the end of the have know idea what a relief this is…and I am sure you all are sick of hearing about it…lol…talked to son this morning and he will come and help me get the big stuff out to the yard…what else is going on…have an appointment with the dermatologist on the 21st to finish of this squamous on my arm..will be glad to have that behind me…on my down time after working on house and yard sale stuff I do some quilt block making..I will make a post on my other b log about this…well that’s it for now…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M


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