Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Gdaughter on far right kids are only 13 but sure do look older! But when I looked 21 when I was 12 at 5' 9" tall. Tricker treaters on my corner......it was like this all over the east end. and we have very few kids in the neighborhood. I ran out of candy.

My fav's coloring crayons.

PATH CACHE Maggie on the path looking for the cache. This was one we found this summer on a newly paved rails to trails bike, walking trail. Really nice. The head of the trail starts in Sharpsville PA and goes for a few miles. I like these cache locations, even if I got dirty looks from one biker. Like this was just a bike trail and I was not welcome walking. We had fun anyway. Maybe next summer we will go look for the rest of the caches on this trail

THE CACHE.................located on an old guard rail where a road use to go across the rail road tracks. Really over grown and hard to see in summer. Must ware orange in the fall!

Had a safe uneventful trip south to VA. Went the same rt and saw the same view but with out most of the colorful leaves. Stopped same place for our brown bag lunch, being Monday not so much traffic. Today Tues, kids are going to vote, then we will go to Costco and a few other places.
I will be helping my dd base coating slate , she is getting ready for a big show mid Nov.
All for now thanks for stopping by

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