Tuesday, August 24, 2010


NANCY, DAD, AL,(aka butch) ME



This morning went out to help son with his car. Having problems and its not looking good.

Later came home and went to WM for some food shopping. I have been cooking and eating at my brothers home and have not had any food in the house, since dad is leaving tomorrow I had to go get a few things. In shopping around this summer and last winter in FL, I have discovered that all WM are not equal. Price wise that is. Here in our town, in one of the poorest county's in PA the prices are higher than anywhere else I have shopped. It's the same with fuel prices higher here. Even higher than 15 miles south, sometimes I take a ride and fill up out of town. This is something I have never understood.

The cache is one we found a few weeks ago while out fishing. This one was a little tricky to get out , as you can see a little space with a big amo box in it!! The hole beside the rock was covered with sticks and small rocks. Fun to find. I sure wish someone in my family would go caching with me. :(

At 6pm going out to dinner with some family members with dad for his last night up north.

He will be leaving in the morning I will take him to Pittsburgh to catch his plane. He will be then be back in Florida in about 2 1/2 hrs.

More later.

Later: We went for dinner, at a local place, nice, good food. The first pic is: right front to left...
friend JoAnne, brother Al, Dad, sister Nancy, nephew TJ and his wife Lisa. Me taking pic.
Next is pic of Sis Nancy, Dad, Brother Al, and Me. Dad said to me the other day he might not come north again, (its a lot for 86 yr old) so I was glad we could get this pic of us. We had a good time and the food was just ok, not great, like it use to be.
Maggie and I are now home kicking back. Thanks for visiting us

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