Thursday, November 24, 2016


Been working on the RT…..

on and off as i purge and sort…i need some place to put stuff…so as i run across things that i will need to travel in the RT i put those items in…but needed places to store them…storage not as easy as the Class C….

store 1

So I started in the back…the problem with the back the door that carries the spare tire i can not use at this time…to heavy for me to put down and lift up…so i work around it…not to hard as you can access the storage area  from inside if needed…in the above pics you can see some of my first lay out of storage…my dad had all these little lock n lock boxes that he used in his big freezer…i was going to get rid of them until i had a light bulb moment…lol they would work good in the RT…my red tool bag is on the right might not use that and use another box…will see…but you can see I  still have plenty of room …


Below is the cupboard inside that i will be using as my pantry….i can fit one box on the top shelf…one on the second shelf and a tray in back and box in front on the bottom shelf…on the second shelf i can fit can goods or what ever behind box…i am liking these boxes…

store 2

Inside again up front that little shelf goes across that doesnt seem much good for anything…i found these little baskets 3 for a $1 at the dollar store …not sure what will end up there but thats what it looks like for now…any ideas what to store there??


And at the back again…i want to show you where i store my Clam screen room…fits like a glove back there…and all the boxes and what ever will fit in front of it….i love that it fit there and i dont have to make room inside when i travel…have enough stuff to fit inside for traveling…


And the rest of the story….

Most of what you see here are empty boxes…i want to get my storage arranged so i know what is what…then as i know what i want to take or keep in the rig i will load it up…A week from this coming sat. going on a road trip camping again…on Sat will meet up with Margie at Renningers near MT.Dora…so we can check out some Christmas doings in Mt. Dora…then we are headed to Silver River St. Park for some camping with a bunch from the Women RV forum…looking forward to both these outings…will take the Clam and see if i can do a better job with it…so anyway if you all got some good tips & ideas about storage please comment…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings GM&P


  1. For the tiny overhead boxes, pens, tire gauge, lighter for campfire, tiny flashlight, gun, stamps

  2. Looks like you are off to a good start with storage options, Donna. I may have already sent you this link for the Ezee-Lift spare tire lifter for the Roadtrek. It will make all the difference for accessing the back storage area.

  3. Donna, I used that skinny space as my library, office type supplies, etc, and sometimes a hat or other misc item. Craft supplies? Also, I created a hammock to hang above front seats when parked for a few days; good for getting light bulky items out of the way. Have fun!