Monday, March 28, 2016


A little more on the WC…

Just a few more things from my road trip to the W. Coast of FL…we went to a few yard sales really did not find much we needed or wanted…but we did see this wonderful site at a yard sale…i see Sandhill Cranes often in the city…i think they are so cool…i did post a couple years ago about a pair that were at Wickham C G …it was mating season and the male was dancing around the female wings out and calling some kind of noisy mating call…that was neat to see..but this topped that..a mom & dad with two fuzzy babies… take a look soooo sweet…they paraded around like a couple proud parents with those fufly balls on stick right with them …


One day we did some thrifting and found this little jewel at one shop…i have been looking for an old Singer Feathe Weight sewing machine…i seen this and figured it might be just as good….the price was $20…i did not but it then…when i got back to rig i looked it up and seen it was selling for about $450.00. Told Nan if it was in working condition i would like to go back and buy it…well we went back in a couple days and looked at it again…but did not bother to ask if it worked…the pirce had jumped up to $100.00 …i think someone over heard Nan and talking about it the day before and uped the price….so i am still looking…


On another day we took a short drive over to the Gulf Coast Wetlands…Nan was looking for a good seafood restaurant she had been to and was not sure where it was..found that and ended up close to the wetlands and a boat launch with a small park …i took more pics but this is the only one that turned out…the sun was so bright and it was point and shot with my cell phone & hope i got something…one thing i was trying for was a bunch of pelicans…did not happen…


And we went to this place for some seafood and they had some pretty good Grouper..the pic below is one they had inside & i took a pic of it…take a look at those old cars…in side it was still like it was back in the day…neat oldies…


One day we were be-bop’n down the road and seen ahead of us cars swerving all over the road …got up there and seen this tree in the middle of two lanes we were in…looked like it was still in a pot…soooo we did a u-ey and went back to take a look…get it of the road if nothing else…turned out it was a holly tree …so we shoved it in the back seat…the next day i posted it on FB about the tree Nan rescued…Well no one was intrested in the tree all they wanted to know… was that a real dead chicken or one of those rubber ones…lol…do you see a rubber chicken..???


A food shot for the day… I say mover over Crabby Bill’s (my fav seafood place in St. Cloud for Grouper) Found a new place …this was at Oysters Of Crystal River…this is the very best…grouper…baked sweet potatoes and the very best light not greasey hush puppies…yum yum… and one of the best salads i have ever had…i forgot to take a pic of the building…everything was fresh made in cluding the salad dressings…


Well all for now…thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings …GM&P

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