Friday, October 23, 2015


The angry sea..

This past Sunday RV friend Linda called to see what I was doing…I was doing nothing…so she came on over and we went out to eat then stopped over at the beach for a bit…so glad she came over …I sure am getting stir crazy and antsy….


And what we found was a very angry sea…I was not surprised they were saying on the news 7-9 foot waves…was so windy I thought we might get blown away…as you can see above pic…


Got a pic of a couple people walking next to the water you might get a better feel for the wave action….we seen one lone person out in the waves…very very dumb idea rip current was bad…


I was over to the beach about 5 days before …and I was very surprised to see how the beach had changed in that time period…that ridge of sand you see in the above pic was not there at that time…it runs the whole way up the beach and is about 4 ft. deep….that is a lot of sand that these waves have pushed ashore…I am trying to figure this out…because when there are ruff seas I thought there was beach erosion and the sand went out to sea…guess I will have to research this…no shells were to be found they must have been buried under all that  sand…and there use to be about a doz. steps leading down to the beach….and I noticed the last couple time including this time that there are now only 6 steps…the rest is buried in the sand and the dunes definitely l have changed and look different…fascinating how the ocean changes things…

And the crooked river….

As in the Crooked River State Park in GA…this is the state


Pick below is the road leading into the park…moss laden oak trees…hanging over the road..beautiful entry….I did not walk into the park its self …rain was in the air and I did not want to get hiked back to the CG…did not do much else while I was here….so this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon,…blessings G&M



PS…I am now at McIntosh Fl…camping with Liz ..should be some interesting blogs coming up….


  1. Love the pics. That park must be gorgeous,I think I'll google it.Always enjoy reading about Your adventures.I don't think You've ever visited Me,please drop by any time. Denise

  2. We loved visiting the crooked river. We stayed at the state park and kayaked the river but David got the tides wrong and I nearly killed myself trying to get back in against the tide. I love the angry ocean as long as I'm walking on the shore. I think the thing about beach erosion is that it takes the sand from one end and dumps it down on the other end usually from the north to the south but not always.