Thursday, March 12, 2015


The birds….

Have returned here on the northern migration..The stop here to eat the little blue berries on certain palm trees…


The birds that I speak about are Robins!…. love the Robins…they are my home birds…like all the Ibis I see here in Florida…the counter part for me is Robins,..They fly around here by the hundreds …pecking at the berries…they only stay here for less than 24 hrs. so in order to see them you have to be in the right spot at the right time…


And these black birds seem to follow them up north…because they come at the same time but I have never seen them  eat palm tree berries…they always forge on the ground…I think that a Judy told me they were Cow Birds…


One reason I think they stop here is because of the bird bath with fresh water…when I realize they are here I always make sure the bird bath is full and clean …the first year I watched them for most of the day…they seem to have pecking order even for taking a drink from the BB…they sit along the fence top and wait their turn…when one or two leave then a couple more will fly down to drink….


And the robins will chase away the black birds until they have had their fill…only then can the black birds come and drink…this was so funny to watch…I see in this pic below there is one lonely robin standing his ground but not enough to chase the others off….remember there are hundreds of these birds and it takes a long time….for them all to get a drink…


Then just as fast as they came in a flash less than 24 hrs. they are gone again…if you are not around at the right time you will totally miss them…one thing I read about there stop here and other places to feed on the palm tree berries…was in the news paper I think…anyway the berries make the drunk!!! yes you read it right…drunk…maybe that is their endurance for the long flight… well they are long gone now…do have some good news …after going to the doc on Monday he scheduled a appointment for an injection later on in the month  and gave me a special belt to ware around my buttocks…and low and behold my pain got so much better that I will cancel the shot if this keeps up next week….I will post more about my camping at HL later when I am here with nothing to b log about…so off now to get something's done before it gets to hot…spring got skipped here and we went right in to 80 and 90 temps of summer…thanks for looking and come back ….blessings to all G&M

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