Friday, November 21, 2014


Not much ….

Going on around here…except health issues…I was wondering the other day ..if this is what one is to expect when you got old and retire….does not make me very happy…so far I have not been able to do “my retirement thing”…and I don’t want to be old and sick and not be able to do it… dad and all this makes me stressed and that in its self is not healthy either .…any way posting some pics  of my frog garden…I made the big green frog below…many years ago…


One reason for the frog pics…is I got a  new phone and wanted to see how the camera worked on has to be better than my old phone..that has been dropped one to many times…cute ceramic toad stool/mushroom I got at a yard sale last summer in PA ..for a whole 25 cents…


The bird house I put in the garden is one that I use to make to is just like the one at my house in PA that I posted about with the little birdies nesting in it….also added a few sea shells that I have found at the beach…I found out it is not easy finding frogs…that don’t cost an arm and leg…not even at my fav hunting grounds,..yard sales!! They are not cheap…must be more collectors than I know…


The frog garden got started because my dad doesn’t want me to do any planting or landscaping…so when a neighbor offered me some starts off her succulents …I took  and potted them then and there…year before last they almost bit the dust…no water…so I made sure dad would water them this summer and they did much better….I planted them in pots so they can be moved around and they don’t bother anyone…the one below is sitting in an old small wrought iron chair…


This is the best I could do …trying to show the length of the FG…don’t mind the much need paint on the Florida room …the FG looks better than this pic…


And the rest of the story….

I guess the phone camera is ok…much better than old one…Like I said about health issues…not at all happy…tired of dealing with these kidney stones…now looks like I have bladder infection….it has been a little on the cold side for Central Florida..along the coast…had to ware long pants …lol…me I like T-shirt and shorts weather…I want to do some GTG..but with KS…I cant go very far…will warm up for awhile so maybe I can go over to Wickham CG and spend a couple days with MM and Harley dog…The phone I got is a Galaxy is new but not the newest model 5s or the note 6 by Samsung…I had to get older model because had to buy it out right…cause price and  I did not want to change my plan with Verizon ….as I have unlimited data..and do not want to give that up… to get the good deals I would have to change plans no thanks…and now that I have a new great working 4G phone…I want it even more..had a whole lot of trouble with internet connections with old phone….now now!! Well have to get ready for a doctor visit so will leave it for now…blessings to all …G&M

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  1. Love the frog garden. You are so creative! Hope you feel better soon.