Monday, November 30, 2009





We set out on Sunday with two goals in mind. One make # 50 cache and find at least one
travel bug to take on our trip. We did get the mini milestone # 50 cache! Yeah! All together we
found 4 caches. I will show you a few pic's the first is at a cemetery and I forgot to take pic of the
cache itself. This one was not to hard for a newbe. The second one is at a motel area where the cache is and next is the cache itself. This was a fairly easy one also just a process of elimination'
Next is The Little Red Caboose cache and it took awhile as there are many mugglers here. This is in a small tourist town along a creek where with fisher mugglers. A lot of neat little shops with lots of shopping mugglers. Nice day mugglers...but they were not paying att, to me. I tried to find it with out GPSbut finaly got Mrs. Garmin-Geea out and found it with out much trouble. No critters were out and about today...after all it is Nov. ! Preivous logs on this said there were spiders and bugs around. Maggie waited in the truck again until I went to visit all my buddy shopowners then she went to visit also. I had a shop here for 15 yrs. until my retirement time! One other motel find I don't think I should post pic of the cache as it would give it away. I really am not sure what I should post on my finds...but I also wonder what the odds are that anyone from my area will read my blogs LOL. Well thats all for now.
Happy Caching
PS I can't figure out how to get rid of the double pic ..sorry


  1. Those are interesting finds! Do you take and replace something? My kids love to pick from what's there and leave something for someone else to take.

  2. I didnt take anything as nothing I wanted or needed..sometimes I do....glad to see fallowing my blog ..any ideas on how I can get my blog out there??

  3. The way I started getting followers was from where I would participate in different meme's that I was interested in. Then when they looked at my blog and seen that we had some of the same interests they would start following my blog. It all depends on what you want to do your posts about. There is a good one called Vintage Thingie Thursday that I like to do from time to time. You post about something vintage that you have or found. Then there is another one called Get R Done Friday where you post about a project that you are doing or just finished. Can be a craft project or just about anything.

    Hope this helps!