Tuesday, November 24, 2009



When I first started geocaching in July of this year I did not have a GPS, so the first few finds were found with the hints I could glean from the log post and what ever the owner of the cache posted on their listing page and looking at the google map. This was the first one I found ,the hints were wood and hammer and by looking at the google map location of the cach I was able to figure out were it was, being that I live only a few miles away. I found it in about 3 min. and was delighted with my success! This is such a fun hobby great for family fun and it gets you outdoors and exercise to boot! To check out all this geocaching go to http://www.geocaching.com/ and join the site its free. When you join and go to hide and seek page type in you zip code and be suprised how many are located around your town. I think you will be shocked! I know I was. What I would like to have now is a caching buddy (besides maggie :) ) it seems no one in my family is intrested and thinks I'm a bit nuts doing this. Just wanted to start this blog going I will put some of my finds on but I didnt take pic's of all them , but will start now that I have the blog going, but will be careful not to give to much away :)

Happy Caching

blessings grammy-n-maggie

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  1. Hey Grammy!

    Thanks for visiting me! You'll have to come back to my blog to see my posts about geocaching! We love finding geocache. We mostly do it while on vacation at Canaan Valley, West Virginia. What state are you geocaching in?

    Would love to have you join in on my Tuesdays' Show & Tail. You could do a post about geocaching with your papillon. I think that would be fun to see and it would let other pet owners know that they could do that with their pets too. Not many people knew what geocaching was when I did my post about it. I think it is much more fun to take to teh woods with our furry friends than to go to a park. I have a corgi and a WV brown dog.