Monday, February 29, 2016


I know I have been ….

some what lax in posting…well maybe a lot lax….I hope to do better …dont we all…I have more about HL…Dave gave a demo on Dutch Oven cooking using coals…below Nan & Patsy are making corn bread & mixing up a cake mix for pineapple upside down cake…


In the mean time Dave was working on his trukey pot pie…below is a pic…doing a little different thing,..he did not use your typical pie crust dought..he is going to use the corn bread that Nan is mixing up…


And when all was ready …you can see he then poured the corn bread over the pot of boiling vegies & turkey….


And after setting it on coals he put the lid on and added coals to cooked for about an hr…below is the finished pot pie…and believe me it was delish !


Below is a pic of the pineapple upside down cake..with cherries and all…my my was it good…he did use a round parchment paper to line the DO with on the cake…easier clean up…after it was all done we took it to my “social area” behind my rig with the campfire  and had a pot luck supper…we did a lot of good eating at that GTG…


And the rest of the story….

I have a lot to up date about…I guess maybe the most imporant is the news that we closed on my PA house last Thurs. its been a long time coming…i am happy that it is all over but not as elated as i thought i would be…so i guess i am now “homeless” ? LOL…Dont know what i would do with out the help of my son …to finish up getting everything out…it was mostly empty but had garage and shed stuff to dispose of…well it is done now…now to move on…it looks like my dads health will keep me from going to PA to visit family & friends this summer…I am not sure how i will cope with the heat of summer in Florida…well all for now…thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings GM&P…


  1. When our house closed in 2011 we were relieved but we still had the apartment. Now we can't wait until the end of April when we'll become Fulltimers for as long as we can.
    Hopefully the problems with your dad's health won't hold you back as much as you think.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. They do a lot of cast iron cooking here at Koreshan. The food really is delicious. Congrats on your house sale. I'm so sorry you'll have to spend summer in Florida. We had to do it in 2012 and it was awful.