Monday, December 13, 2010


WE WENT ACROSS THIS.....if there were not some Mc-Mansions behind our house I could see this bridge out my kitchen window.
TO GET HERE THE OCEAN ....It is about 4 mi. from where I live to the ocean, and this is the first time I have made it there since I got here. Those waves do not look big in the pic, but they are BIG! And make a lot of noise, and pounding the sand. I forgot how beautiful the ocean is, I love it there and plan on going often. It wasn't real hot on Sat. and I took Maggie out and about with me. She stayed in the truck a few min while I checked it out, I saw a bunch of paw prints in the sand so I went back and got her. LOL she was so funny (her first trip to the ocean) she loved the sand and all ran around sniffing, but she did not like those waves and the water chasing her when it came ashore. I tried to get a pic of her side stepping trying to get away from it, ever see a dog run backwards. LOL, well she did! We didn't stay long didn't want the dog on the beach police to get us. No dogs aloud on the beach in Bevard Co. and its hard to go with the dogs because Bevard Co is about 70 miles long, and we are about in the middle.
THEN WE WENT HERE....a nice little park on beach side ( as apposed to the main land) it was full of dogs being walked. We ate our lunch here and looked for a couple geocaches but did not find any. I am not having much luck finding caches here. Cant figure out why. After this park visit we headed back across the bridge, but on the way back I spotted a neat nursery and gift shop. WoW expensive, but I will go back in Jan. I will take some pic's then.


THE CACHE This is a cache I found last summer in PA. It was located at a car wash took awhile because there were mugglers tending to cars. But finally got it on the side of the building.

While we were over on beach side we went to a bunch of yard sales. I got a few books and some other paper stuff, and that was about it. Really that's all I am looking for at this time. Its for my altered art projects.When we got back stopped at a few more yard sales and then headed home all in all we were gone about 6 hrs.
Sunday took my daily trip to wall mart LOL, it is close , too close , and worked on my altered art cooked roast in crock pot, took Maggie for a couple walks, and that was about it. I am posting about my art on my other blog check it out. I am working on a Junkque Journal (junk journal)for my self go take a look.
All for now thanks for looking and come again

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