Monday, February 13, 2012


What did we do before the power washer ? I can tell you this wall in the back yard would not be getting a bath! Dad got the power washer out the other day got half of it done. This wall was built some time in the late 90's. Before that, the land was empty and only 500 feet from the back yard was the intercoastal water way here. The Indian River. Then a developer got it and build million $ homes on it and put up this wall. Amazing how they can build on a tiny strip of land. And get all the money for the homes!!!! Water front says it all.This is what I saw out my window this morning, Ibis in a tree across the street! I usually see them in the water on on the grass looking for bugs and other critters. First time for this view. The have long skinny legs on a fat body , I cant figure out how the balance up there on the thin limbs. Do a click on the pic and take a look up close lol.When my daughter and son in law were here at Christmas he hooked up a cd player for the tv in the craft room. No satellite out there. Now I can play music and watch movies. You can get great movies at yard sales for 50 cents and a dollar.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL : 35 this AM. Had to break out the winter clothes this weekend.
Not that I have a lot here with me. Just a couple long pants and sweat shirts, and a fleece jacket. Dad covered this garden also. My feet are almost better. Now that I am feeling better the gas goes sky high so that will put a damper on my road trips. Been going to the gym off and on, hope I can get there more often now. Like at least 5 days a week. Maggie and I are starting to do some walking again, went to the park the other day. It is a shot walk but this is the first we have been able to do it. Maggie is doing good this year, no problems like last year. I post more over on my other blog , because that is what I am doing most now (crafting). If you want to check on me more often go here. and see and read lots more good stuff. lol. Hope everyone up north is keeping warm, looks like you are have a mild winter so far. I will be traveling to PA in June as my oldest grandson is getting married!!! wow hard to believe!!
Where does the time go?? I look in the mirror and see an old lady and wonder who she is and where she came from. lol Oh well it is what it is.... Time to go , thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings grammynmaggie.